Best Creatines: Are they safe?

What creatine actually is?

Creatine is a nutrient, an organic acid which is naturally found in human beings and is very essential for the strength and growth of the body. It supplies energy to almost all body cells, specifically muscle cells, by stimulating ATP formation. It is already naturally present in the body but those who need excessive amount of energy (such as sportsmen and body builders), they take its supplements, and not just normal products but best creatine supplemens presented here.

Is best creatine healthy?

Creatine intake has become a usual habit all over the world. It ensures instant energy and increased strength and growth. It also helps gaining powerful muscles. People usually take it with water, juices, milk, food, glucose etc. It is a water retainer in the muscles. It levels the decreased energy and along with protein and carbohydrate maintains the insulin level as well. It is an excellent supplement before and after work outs. It’s being an indispensible part of the human body naturally, is the best evidence for it to prove healthy.

Is creatine safe?

Initially, some critics pointed out certain side effects as to be the consequence of creatine supplements. Researches stated that it results in weight gain. Other reports said that there occur many side effects due to it; like dehydration, muscle strains, stomach issues, muscle cramps and pulls etc. But later on and till the recent studies, it was proved that these problems and side effects are not attached to best creatine intake. Rather, it was proved that creatine reduces heat stresses and lessens the exposure of skeleton muscle injuries.

Creatine is vital nutrient of the human body

It is considered to be a vital nutrient of the human body. Without it, we cannot survive as no energy and strength lead to inactive or dead life. How can a natural human element be unsafe?  Secondly, it is present in many food items such as: red meat and sea food etc. which are taken and must be taken in routine life. The only difference is that for taking creatine from them, you have to eat a lot of red meat and sea food etc; while through best creatine supplements you can directly achieve the purpose in small doses.

Creatine leaves no side effects

Over hundreds of researches have proved that there are no significant side effects of it. If proper care is taken regarding 3 things, the chance of side effects is almost nil:

  1. Drink enough water.
  2. Take adequate amount of creatine. Never use too much quantity.
  3. Use best creatine quality. Never go for a low quality product.

5 Reasons Women Should Drink Protein Shakes

women and protein shakeGone are the days of poorly put together a shake that make you gag and shiver after drinking it down. These liquids are essential for those looking to gain muscle from their workouts. They are a great way to get your protein on the go, since getting it from solid foods isn’t always the best option. Womens Protein Shakes are easy to throw together whenever you need them and are even easier to drink. With various flavors you’ll never have to cringe at the taste of a protein shake ever again.

Protein Shakes Help Build Muscles

Bodybuilders use these types of drinks to help prevent the loss of muscles. Why is this? Protein activates enzymes that allow for healthy cell reproduction. Muscles are made of cells, which means that when it is consumed it helps the muscles stay healthy. It is used to keep up cardiovascular health as well as muscle contraction growth, and also helps the body heal. If our muscles can’t heal up it can lead to overtraining which will eventually lead to a serious injury. By ensuring you consume enough proteins you can avoid injuries like that and help keep your body strong.

Why Shakes are Easier than Solid Foods

Proteins can be found in any meat, eggs, fish, and poultry. These are great meals to have for lunch or dinner but when you’re on the go it’s not always convenient. By drinking a shake while you’re traveling around you can ensure that you get you daily amount. Before a workout a drink will help build those muscles and push you through to the end.

How Much Proteins Should You Take In?

There really isn’t an overdose of proteins, although the body does digest it a lot slower than anything else. The recommended amount is one gram for every pound. So if you weigh around 180 pounds then you’ll need to consume 180 grams. If you do consume more than recommended it’s a good idea to increase your calcium and magnesium intake as well, as too much can depletes these essential vitamins.

Vegetarians and Protein Shakes

Vegetarians have the challenge of planning how to get their daily proteins. By drinking instead they don’t have to worry about finding out which foods contain the most protein. Putting together the foods that actually contain these can be quite a task. Making a drink up is ten times easier than doing all that, especially on a busy schedule.

Use the Right Protein Shake

There are several varieties of shakes out there and it’s important to find the right one. Whey is the most popular because of its high biological value. Whey is considered to be the complete protein as it contains all the essential amino acids you need. Other essentials include whole eggs and milk, but these lack the same amino acids that whey proteins contains.

Protein shakes are a great way to get your amino acids when you need it without eating solid foods.

Are you not convinced by this article ? There are another 5 great reasons for women to drink protein shakes:

Whey protein shakes for women and the right intake during the day

protein shakes for women

protein shakes for women

How much of Whey protein shake should a woman take in a day?

The amount that a woman should take in a day solely depends on how active and how much their weighs. As you realize, too much of protein in the body can be disadvantageous harming the liver and kidney. Therefore, it goes without saying that a woman should first know her body weight and if they are in a training program. For a very active individual woman, manufacturers recommended one scoop (equal to 20-25 g), once or twice a day. Best time is in the morning together with breakfast or during or after work out session. Two scoops for men are recommended because they need more.

Knowing the amount you need requires some bit of calculation. The general rule is multiplying the weight by 0.8. For instance, if you weigh 55 kg, the required minimum protein serving per day is 55 x 0.8 = 44 g.

It has three categories, they include

  • Concentrate (WPC)

It has the lowest amount of protein standing at 75 %.

  • Isolate (WPI) Low in carbohydrates, fats and lactose 90% protein.
  • Hydrolysate Worst taste, 99% protein digests very quickly.


When to take

It can be taken at any given time. However, due to quick in digestible nature, it should be taken before or after workout. However, it is advisable to take after a workout, to repair and grow muscles. For women into bodybuilding, a glass in the morning will give the body the much-needed nutrient it deserves. It also can be taken throughout the day. Women can enjoy the benefit by adding to smoothies, yoghurt, oatmeal, porridge or soup.

How much to take

Choosing the right amount to take largely depends on the body weight and the activity level of the individual. Women get approximately 14% of calories from protein intake. To get the amount to take, multiply your bodyweight by the number range according to your activeness.

  • Normal exercises. – Daily intake of 0.8g/kg will be a good measure.
  • For an athlete highly active woman, attempting to lose body fat, preserving muscle mass – 1.0-1.5g/kg.
  • Endurance training and muscle building – Daily intake of 1.5-2.2g/kg (bodyweight)



Protein shakes for women – all myths and facts you should read about

Protein shakes: Myths and Facts

Bodybuilders and athletes at the same have many questions regarding supplements (shakes).

  • Like how effective are they?
  • When should someone drink a shake (before or after workout)
  • What amount to take daily?
  • Do they have side effects?

best protein shakes for womenAnswers to these questions have generated both myths and facts about this form of supplement. Mostly manufacturers will give false information about their products, exaggerating their effectiveness to convince buyers into buying, creating just a myth. However, for genuine and tested products, athletes and bodybuilders can comfortably use them knowing the products have stood test of time.

A lot of myths goes on in social platforms and online forums and some of them include;

  1. Shakes do not give real protein, as they are not real foods.

This is a fallacy because supplement powders are derive from natural animal and plant foods such as whey (cheese), soy, eggs etc. Example of Whey, it contains amino acids, which are also found in other food items. Therefore, we can conclude that a shake supplement is a real food. It is a simplified version of getting the nutrients into the body through a drink.

  1. You will not get enough nutrients by using the shake

A supplement shake contains high amounts of protein and when administered into the body, work perfectly well as the normal nutrients from foods do. In addition, it does not require intake of high grams in day in order to be effective. Athletes in intense trainings use supplement shake to increase the repair and muscle building in the body.

  1. Myth- Bodybuilders and athletes need high amounts of protein shake to build up muscles.

This idea is not real because supplement shakes contain enough nutrients needed per serving. Usually instructions and dosages are printed on the containers. However, it is true to say, athletes need more to sustain muscle repair and recovery. An average person requires 0.8/ grams/kg (bodyweight) per day. A body builder or an athlete may require 1.2-2.0 grams/kg (bodyweight) per day.

  1. High protein affecting the kidney organ

Its not true. People will argue because of daily intake of supplement shake will result in high nutrients in the body. Kidney works by excreting urea (a waste product) and for a normal kidney, excretion will take place perfectly. Unless, you have a problem with the kidney.

In fact, some types such as Whey protein can reduce the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease and reduce the chances of getting cancer.




Types of proteins and sources of them if you don’t drink protein shakes

woman-drinks-whey-proteinTypes of Protein

Protein can be found in animal or plant foods. Some examples of animal food include meat, dairy, poultry while plant can be found in beans and nuts. It gives energy to the body and helps in repair of muscle tissue. There are different types and they include:

  • Whey
  • Casein
  • Soy
  • Egg
  • Milk isolate
  • Rice
  • Pea
  • Hemp


A type of protein that comes from dairy (milk) as a byproduct of cheese manufacturing. Its quickly absorbed in the body to repair torn tissues and give the body energy. For athletes and bodybuilders, it serves a good shake after a post-work out. Its supports lean muscle growth, fat loss, weight reduction, cardiovascular health and healthy metabolism. It can be expensive due the high rate of absorption in the body. They can be found in powder form with different flavors e.g. vanilla or chocolate. Whey can be categorized into

  • Isolate- High quality 90-98 %, containing less fat and lactose.
  • Concentrate- 70-85%, contains more fat and lactose.
  • Protein blends- They contain both isolate and concentrate.


Also a by-product of milk but differ slightly from whey. It is slowly absorbed into the body and mainly used while the body is at rest or sleeping. It is 92% protein, and used in the body to build muscles. It contains glutamine which helps to boost the immune system and speeds up the recovery of muscles. Casein is more expensive than whey.


This is a plant protein. and can be isolated or concentrated. It’s a low cost supplement that helps to boost the immune system as it offers all the essential amino acids. It contains healthy cholesterol which aids in fat loss and speeds up metabolism. It’s ideal before or after a workout.


A common type of protein from eggs. It’s made by separating the yolk from the whites and dehydrating the white part. It also contains vitamins and minerals. It helps build lean muscles and can be used any time of the day.


It is a good source of amino acids and contains both whey and casein.


A type most suitable for vegans. Though considered a carbohydrate, brown rice contains protein. Its highly digestible in the body.


Comes from the yellow split pea, also a good source for vegans. It helps in weight loss as it is highly digestible 98%.


Made from the seeds of cannabis plant. It’s a complete protein which has the essential fatty acids and all the amino acids which helps improve metabolism and brain function.